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Anand A S

Cyber security Engineer | Full stack developer | Ideator | Physics lover

23 Year old Cyber security engineer lives in Trivandrum. I love Science fiction. I do bug hunting on tech giants and a freelance Full Stack developer also a Machine learning noob and Physics, Quantum Mechanics lover.



Cyber security engineer @


Volunteer at Kerala Police Cyberdome


Completed BTech degree in Computer Science at PRS College of Engineering and Technology under Kerala Technological University (2015-2019).

What I do

Bug hunting

    I do bug hunting on many Tech giants for fun and profit sometimes I get lucky sometimes not.

    How ever I got acknowledged by many companies like Google Chromium bug reporting program (mono rail), Kaspersky etc.. View more in my Resume.

Tools I've made

  • # knockKnock is a simple tool written in bash script which extract working IP and Hosts based of http status codes.

  • # ChromeShot is a tool written in Bash which can you take screenshot from URL or IP lists using Chrome headless method.

Projects and Prototypes

  • # Prototyped words first Real time Road Accident and Situation prediction Artificial Intelligence AIRA (Artificial Intelligence Road Assist)

Talks and Sessions

Skill set

  • # Coding Skills  Bash Scripting, Python, PHP, C & C++.
  • # Penetration Testing tools  Burp suite, Metasploit, Nmap, Zenmap, Masscan, OpenVAS and Nessus.
  • # Miscellaneous  Google Cloud (Compute Engine), Amazon AWS EC2, Expo, Firebase Realtime Database etc..
  • # Other skills  Ideation, Prototyping, Testing, Debugging and Problem Solving.
  • View all in my Resume.